Welcome to our little site about our first few years of marriage. We cover a hodge podge of topics, but we hope you have fun. We reside in Austin (almost Pflugerville) with our two dogs, Stella and Max. Stella came first when I was still single and bad at training dogs and Max came second right before we moved in together – and if you can’t tell by the header image of this blog, they are in love.


We met on New Year’s Day 2013 on a blind date that started at the Dog & Duck for a beer. It ended 6 hours later after ice skating (ice falling) at Whole Foods and dinner at Thai Passion (where they aren’t really passionate about Thai food). A year later, we were engaged. And now we’re married…I think I’ll keep him.


I work in public relations and marketing and Ben manages product for an EdTech company. We spend way too much time watching Netflix, snuggling with our animals and enjoying the hilarious challenges and successes of newlywedhood.

Stop by and say hello. While we can’t offer you a glass of wine online, we can tell you what to drink on a budget and how to make a mean Whiskey Ginger.

Love, the Jameses.


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