August Audiobook Recommendations

Growing up I was the epitome of the uber-nerd bookworm who got her kicks from winning Accelerated Reader contests in school and entering into every summer library reading challenge I could find. I wasn’t the coolest, but I could fill you in on every synopsis related to kid-friendly historical fiction and young adult novels.

When I started college, my reading-for-pleasure free time almost went away entirely and I didn’t pick up the habit again until about a year ago. Aside from reading real books at home where you have to turn the pages like an old fashioned pioneer woman, listening to books through Audible changed my life (and my commute) for the better and I can’t get enough.

Here are a few of my favorites to help you pick out a traveling companion for any last summer road trips.


  • Big Little Lies – The first thing you need to know about this book is that HBO is turning it into a mini-series with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. I already have the popcorn and wine ready, so feel free to come over and anxiously wait until 2017 with me. Aside from that, this book was so twisted and the characters were so complex, that I found myself wondering what dark secrets were brewing in my own little suburban life. The author, Liane Moriarty, has knocked it out of the park with several books lately and I highly recommend giving her a go. She’s also Australian and her books are narrated by women with the best accents.
  • Perfect Match – I always remember my parents reading books by Jodi Picoult, so I was intrigued by Perfect Match when it popped into my “Recommended for You” section. It’s another dark and twisty plot that puts a very human face on a child abuse case.

Easy Beach Reading

Quite frankly, these next two kind of blend together because they were both chick-lit and a little self explanatory, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.

  • The One That Got Away – This was a fun listen because the main character wakes up in a different life after falling down an escalator (one of my biggest fears) and has to navigate her new reality.
  • The Year We Turned Forty – Did I mention these books ran together? The heroins in this semi-cheesy tale also wake up in different versions of their same lives and have the chance to live their 39th year again.

Both books were good reminders to appreciate what you have, but do not expect them to blow your socks off with any form of literary originality.

Celebrity Tell-Alls 

  • Stories I Only Tell My Friends – Okay, can we talk about Rob Lowe for a second? I’ve always harbored a mini crush on him thanks to the West Wing (despite his old age), but his book brought it to an entirely new level. For days, I was spouting random facts about Rob to Ben and watching my favorite West Wing episodes and his old movies like St. Elmo’s Fire to remind myself of what a great actor he was before his terrible flop of a show, The Grinder. Rob, you can do better. Let’s go back to D.C. and make a new political drama that will knock Scandal out of the park. Who needs Olivia Pope when you can have C.J. Cregg? I digress…this book is only for those who genuinely like Rob Lowe and have a slight obsession with the Brat Pack.









Science Fiction

  • Snow Crash – We downloaded this before a road trip because it was recommended for anyone who liked Ready Player One and since Ben was enthralled by his first foray into virtual reality fiction, we gave Snow Crash a go. The narrator gave me a headache and I only lasted about an hour before falling asleep, but Ben loved it and listened to it on his own during his daily trip downtown. It didnt help that for some reason it reminded me of the talk radio my dad used to listen to when I was a kid. Immediate headache.

I just downloaded Liane Moriarty’s latest, Truly Madly Guilty, but haven’t been focused enough to listen to it yet and I keep repeating the first chapter. I’m also going to try the library’s app to see if their audio books can solve my never-ending quest to make my minimal commute more enjoyable. Happy reading (ahem, listening)!


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