ClassPass Chronicles: Round 1

I owe this post to my good friend Emily who inspired me to finally try out ClassPass after months of Ben encouraging me to check it out every time I complained about being bored by my routine. Emily has been using it for a while and is in tremendous shape + it makes her happy, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Up until last week, I was pretty dedicated to my latest pilates and barre studio, ToddPilates, because they know my name, expect me to show up, and class feels like second nature. I’ve been taking at Todd’s for about six months and I had a nice routine of morning classes during the week paired with a class or two on the weekend. The teachers are awesome and the classes are challenging enough to keep me in decent shape. That all being said, lately I’ve lost my luster for the same day in and day out schedule and needed something to kick me back into gear. Not to mention that we have a wedding coming up in two weeks in St. Croix and I wanted to try something to amp up my workout efforts. Enter ClassPass.

After downloading the app, I immediately felt guilty for pausing my ToddPilates membership. What if they forgot my name? What if the new studio in Round Rock doesn’t make it because I didn’t go in August? What if I lose my limited muscle tone because I stopped taking pilates?! All things that are not going to happen and are also not reasons to avoid shaking things up with a new routine. But Todd’s, I’ll probably be back.

So starting Saturday, I officially kicked off this new routine with a bang. A very smelly bang.

I’ve always wanted to become a yogi and endured small spurts of yoga endeavors at a studio near campus senior year (it no longer exists) and again for about six months in my prime singledom at Black Swan Yoga with the aforementioned Emily. While we loved taking class and were even two of the most cheesy yoga goers after we both plastered a Black Swan bumper sticker on our cars, our love eventually waned. And she moved to Dallas and I moved up to north Austin (basically Dallas).

To rekindle this short-lived romance, I thought I’d kick off my ClassPass experience by taking an hour and a half class with Pure Bikram Yoga on Anderson Ln. When I arrived 15 minutes early on Saturday per their suggestion, I was welcomed with open yogi arms by the teacher and one of the owners. They walked me through how the class would go and let me rent two towels for free for the first class, which proved to be crucial to not slipping off of my mat. The class was set at 105 degrees and the heat and intense body odor hit me right in the face when I walked into the studio. The class itself was really nice and a great stretch, but it lacked the cardio I crave from a weekend workout. Not to mention that I thought I was going to pass out after about 30 minutes and left sweatier than I have ever been in my entire life. I probably won’t go back due to the stench and the fact that I was bored 30 minutes in. I need music! And cardio!

On Sunday, my goal was to take a class at a studio I normally wouldn’t want to visit due to traffic. Over the last few years I’ve found that scheduling any workout class at 6 p.m. is a recipe for disaster in Austin’s traffic. Todd’s is 3 miles from my office, but I have completely missed at least three workouts due to traffic jams on 183. However, with church and plans with friends, I needed to squeeze in a quick workout near home and didn’t venture into south Austin as I’d hoped. This led to me signing up for an hour of gym time at our nearby Gold’s Gym. I was really excited about this because I’ve considered signing up for Gold’s for years. A few friends are in love with the Cardio Cinema option and the class schedule is competitive compared to 24 Hour Fitness. I used to belong to 24 and went there for years during college because they offered Turbo Kick at least three times a week. I balanced those classes with steady treadmill time and could eat as much queso as my 21-year-old heart desired. At some point they swapped out all of their Turbo Kick classes for Zumba and I had to find something new.

Sadly, the other amenities that typically come with a gym never appealed to me either. Weight lifting in front of people?! Trying to navigate machinery when someone is waiting nearby to “swap out?” No thank you. Thus, my short time at Gold’s Gym this weekend was a reminder of my non-gym personality. They also didn’t know what ClassPass was and it took them a minute to figure out what to do with me. I showed them the app and the hour of gym time I booked and they eventually just had me fill out a quick online form. I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill, a few minutes on the stair-master, and was out without touching any of the terrifying machines. It was nice to run a few miles without the summer heat and I might take advantage of Gold’s in the future exclusively for that purpose.

Last but not least, I was set to take a boot camp class this morning with Ben’s favorite trainer Jacob with Organic Fitness and Training. It was my dumb (or dedicated) idea to sign up for a 5:30 a.m. class downtown with Jacob because hours before the early wake-up call – Saturday when I was jazzed up from yoga – it seemed like a genius plan to take a class with Ben to start the week on a solid note. In a hilarious twist of fate, we were all dressed and ready to go at 5:05 a.m. (after waking up very grumpily at 4:45 a.m.) and my car started flipping out in the driveway due to a cracked radiator. It was probably a positive in the end because we crawled back into bed and slept another hour, but we were bummed to miss a great workout. Fortunately, I can still review his boot camp because I’ve taken it a few times when he hosted workouts on the weekend and Ben sweet talked me into joining him. They are the HARDEST classes I’ve ever taken and I highly recommend them for anyone who wants a full body workout from an incredibly motivating trainer. Ben has never loved working out as much as he does today and Jacob has made a major impact on his life. If you ever want to try out the boot camp, Ben would welcome a new friend in class and Jacob will change your life. BTW – ClassPass charges you $20 for a cancellation. This is good news and bad news depending on the day. If it means I force myself out of bed at 5 a.m., it’s good news. If my car is a ticking time bomb and unforeseen circumstances keep me away from class, it’s bad news for our wallet.


4th of July workout with Organic Fitness

Later this week I’m taking a few barre classes and a dance class. Maybe I’ll get more adventurous this weekend and try something out of my comfort zone like Cardio Rowing. What have you tried? What studios should I check out?


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