Forcing Myself to Become a Morning Person

As I type this we’re quickly approaching 9 p.m., which means bedtime is near and I better stop looking at screens or else suffer the consequences of sleepless nights. Hopefully the words will flow this evening because at 9:30 p.m. Ben and I officially turn into pumpkins and we’re out for the count until 5:25 a.m. the next morning.

Our schedule is dictated by working out and we follow it almost every day unless we had a late dinner with friends or couldn’t sleep the night before. We’ve been setting our alarms and forcing ourselves out of bed for about a year now and I am very disappointed in my internal clock for not making the waking up portion of this routine any easier.

Before I met Ben I’d set my alarm for 6:30 and eventually roll out of bed at 7 a.m. or so, groggy and cranky. An average morning involved me laying in bed with the covers pulled over my head, silently groaning, “Nooooo mornings hate youuuuuu,” until Stella whined to go out. It was not cute.

What I’ve realized a full year after starting our early mornings is that the first few minutes of waking up are terrible no matter what time your alarm goes off. While an hour or so earlier might feel more torturous, early wake-up calls feel like I’m ripping off the bandaid when it comes to morning hatred and it’s made the daily experience much more bearable.

So as we start a new week and I prepare to roll out of bed and shuffle around with some weights and Lady Gaga for an hour attempting to burn calories, I’m writing this as an “inspirational” post to myself and anyone else who dreads mornings, especially ones that fall on Mondays.

  1. We like, we like pajamas. As much as yoga pant-clad ladies like to pretend that their yoga pants equal actual pants, the truth is that they are essentially just tighter pajamas. And putting on tight PJ pants is way better than starting the day immediately with a pencil skirt and heels, or makeup for that matter.
  2. Dream a little dream about…breakfast. I’m a very reward-focused person and incentivizing myself with the thought of breakfast and coffee while I’m working out keeps me going and makes the hour class go by faster. Before my early morning days, breakfast was just a thing that I sleepily shoved into my mouth while reading Facebook. Now, breakfast is something that I’ve thought about for an hour and I come back home jazzed to eat my egg and avocado toast. It helps that I also watch Netflix or listen to a podcast while I’m getting ready for work and look forward to catching up on the news or watching ‘Friends’ Season 10 for the 7th time. My pre-morning person self had no interest in listening to anything before 8:30 a.m.
  3. Mo Money, Less Problems: My workout class charges $15 for no shows. Considering I hate wasting money (who doesn’t), the fear of throwing $15 away due to laziness and the desire for an extra hour in bed keeps me moving.

While trivial, these quasi-life hacks make a huge difference and have helped change my night owl tendencies into something of those resembling a morning person’s. Or at least a person who doesn’t hit snooze five times in a row. My energy levels are up, I feel better come 3 p.m. during the usual sleepy spells and I don’t have to workout when I get home, which I call a WIN.

So wish me luck, friends. It’s already 5 minutes past my bedtime and tomorrow morning is lurking like a bad dream.


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