Weekending without plans

With weddings, graduations, family in town and other wonderful occasions, our weekends get BUSY. And some months we’re juggling a big event every weekend, with no end in sight. While we love these special times and the people who help make them so much fun, we also cherish the weekends with zero obligations.

This weekend was one such weekend and we filled it with plenty of laziness, impromptu outings and a few productive moments. I have the tendency to jam pack our free time for fear that we’ll miss out on something incredible and only spend our Saturday and Sunday binge-watching Netflix, but this weekend I let everything happen without an agenda.

We started our few days of freedom at Whole Foods First Friday and all of my dreams came true, one sample at a time. It’s basically a glorified sampling event, but with tons of wine and beer and delicious Whole Foods treats on almost every aisle. For a $10 donation, you get to walk around trying new wine, testing concoctions from the Whole Foods kitchen and making friends with fellow lovers of goat cheese and Cabernet. Ben joked that we spent money to go spend more money, but we only walked out with one bottle of wine and a few cheeses (a pretty good deal considering the samples could have been dinner). My love of Whole Foods knows no bounds and this event was everything I’ve ever wanted in an activity. We’ll be back.

Saturday’s activities were more low key and involved making breakfast, working out and watching Mission Impossible. We bypassed our typical Drafthouse experience and went to an AMC to watch Tom Cruise in full IMAX glory (thanks to a gift card) and I was reminded that you can indeed watch a movie without the requisite Alamo Drafthouse food/drink.

My favorite part of the day was cooking up eggs, sausage and toast with Ben and then working on a few things for the Ballet Austin Guild while simultaneously watching the series re-make of Wet Hot American Summer.

A few weeks ago I was thinking about Christmas and dreaming about taking a day trip to the Elgin Christmas tree farm to pick out a real tree. Yeah, yeah, it’s August, but Christmas can’t come soon enough…While I was picturing us chopping down the tree and bringing it home to decorate with hot cider, Christmas movies, and other things that happen in perfect Christmas scenarios, I tried to pin point traditions that we’ve started so far as a family and came up blank. However, while I was cooking breakfast on Saturday, I realized that we have established quite a few traditions of our own, small as they might be. One of which is cooking up big breakfasts any weekend when we have spare time. We also have Friday make-your-own pizza nights and take a few minutes before bed to sing our favorite song before bed at least once a week. Singing our song is as cheesy as it sounds, but our dogs LOVE IT. These are simple things that we enjoy, but traditions nonetheless and activities that we’ll probably do with our kids when we eventually have them.


*Stella is also ready for Christmas. Photo throw back to last year at my parents’ house.*

Traditions aside, we tried a few new things this weekend and hiked up to enjoy the 360 bridge view on Saturday after dinner and then made Chimichurri sauce on Sunday. Both experiences were amazing.


*Note that we only ate about half of this. Steak/potatoes will make for a very delicious Monday lunch.*

Now that the weekend has come to a close and we’re snuggling with the dogs on the couch, I feel very prepared for the work week ahead. Sometimes it’s best to just cancel everything and hole up for the weekend and do exactly what you want. Other times it’s better to entertain guests, explore new cities or visit your favorite people. Thank goodness for a combination of both and for an upcoming September that looks relatively free.

Happy Sunday!



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