100 Days of Pure Barre & Trying New Things

Approximately 4-5 months before our wedding, we participated in the rite of passage that is engagement photos and conducted a little photo shoot with the truly phenomenal couple over at Peary Photography. We went down to our venue, Pecan Springs Ranch, and Jester King Brewery, pretended like we enjoyed sitting in grass fields and kissed a whole lot in front of strangers. It was great.

Then came the night when our photographer sent the final photos over for our review. The anticipation was truly killing us, but we finished cooking dinner, filled up our wine glasses and settled in for what we imagined would be a fun slideshow of our lives. Instead, we spent an hour criticizing every thing about ourselves and questioning why we stepped in front of a camera in the first place.

While incredibly vain, this moment of photo-induced horror caused us both to hop on the workout wagon in the months leading up to our wedding to gain the requisite “tonage” that was lacking before we walked down the aisle. Ben took to a personal trainer that his company provides and I forked over my life savings to try Pure Barre because it resembled the dance studios of my childhood and the three pound weights didn’t seem overly intimidating.

Pure Barre was everything I ever desired in a workout because it challenged me and helped me build muscle tone without becoming overly bulky. However, it led to zero weight loss. Not a pound. I suppose we should have taken our measurements at the onset because I do think it helped tone me up and I know that “muscle weighs more than fat…” Which quite frankly is a remarkably annoying phrase when you’ve been working your tail off for weeks during 6 a.m. classes.

Pure Barre breaks the class into arms, legs, butt, abs and recovery and the teachers change up the workout slightly each time. A few minutes into class, you’ll feel that “Pure Barre shake” and it will continue until you want to just curl up in a ball on your floor mat.

Fast forwarding to five months after our wedding, I’m still taking Pure Barre and I’m desperately seeking something more.

A big part of working out for me is putting myself in awkward and uncomfortable situations to push my boundaries and it’s time for a change.

Two weeks ago I took my first Orange Theory class and it was awesome and hard and exactly what I was looking for at the moment. However, I recognize my tendency to join the latest fitness craze and know that it might not last forever.

What classes are you taking right now? Do you struggle with maintaining a passion for the same type of workout?


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